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Peer-Reviewed Publications


Haim-Nachum S, Sopp MR, Lüönd AM, Afzal N, Åhs F, Allgaier AK,… Levy-Gigi E,…Pflatz M. (2024). Childhood Maltreatment is Linked to Larger Preferred Interpersonal Distances Towards Friends and Strangers Across the Globe. Translational Psychiatry.

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Haim-Nachum, S., Kube, T., Rozenkrantz, L., Lazarov, A., Levy-Gigi, E., Michael, T., Neria, Y., & Sopp, M. R. (2024). Does disconfirmatory evidence shape safety-and danger-related beliefs of trauma-exposed individuals? European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 15(1), 2335788.


Zabag R, Rinck M, Becker E, Gilboa-Schechtman E, & Levy-Gigi E. (2023). Although I Know it:  Social Anxiety is Associated with a Deficit in Positive Updating Even When the Cost of Avoidance is Obvious. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 169, 279–283.

Treitel C, & Levy-Gigi E. (2023). The Dual Role of Time Perception in Trauma-Exposed Individuals: A Conceptual Review. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 10.1037/tra0001631. Advance online publication.

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Zabag R, Azoulay R, Rinck M, Becker E, Levy-Gigi E*. & Gilboa-Schechtman E* (2022). You never get a chance to undo a negative first impression: Social anxiety is associated with impaired positive updating of social information. Personality and Individual Differences, 203, 111993. *Equal contribution


Haim-Nachum, S, Sopp MR, Bonanno GA, & Levy-Gigi E. (2022). The lasting effects of early adversity, updating ability, and the tendency to develop PTSD symptoms following trauma in adulthood. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 46,1101–1112.

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Pfaltz M, Halligan S, Haim-Nachum S, Sopp MR, Åhs F, Bachem R, Bartoli E, Belete H, Belete T, Berzengi A, Dukes D, Essadek A, Iqbal N, Jobson L, Langevin R, Levy-Gigi E ,… & Seedat S. (2022). Social functioning in individuals affected by childhood maltreatment: Establishing a research agenda to inform interventions. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 91(4):238-251.

Sopp MR, Haim-Nachum, S, Wirth BE, Bonanno GA, & Levy-Gigi E. (2022). Leaving the door open: Trauma, updating, and the development of PTSD symptoms. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 154:104098.


Sopp MR, Haim-Nachum S, Michael T, Shamay-Tsoory S, & Levy-Gigi E. (2021). No distance is too far between friends: Associations of comfortable interpersonal distance with PTSD and anxiety symptoms in traumatized individuals. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 12(1):1899480. 

Shamay-Tsoory S*, & Levy-Gigi E.*(2021). You name it: interpersonal affect labeling diminishes distress in romantic couples. Behavior Therapy, 52, 455-464.
* Equal contribution


Levy-Gigi E, Doner R, & Bonanno GA. (2020). Free your mind: Emotional expressive flexibility moderates the effect of stress on post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21(15), 5355.

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Levy- Gigi E, Vakil E. (2010) Developmental differences in the impact of contextual factors on susceptibility to retroactive interference. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 105, 51-62. 


Selected Conference Presentations 

  • Gilboa-Schechtman E, Zabag R, Levy-Gigi E. (March 2023). Changes in Beliefs about the Self in Social Anxiety, ICPS, Brussels.

  • Gilboa-Schechtman, E., Zabag, R., Levy-Gigi, E. (February 2023). Difficulties in positive social updating are associated with social anxiety and interpersonal difficulties in cross-sectional and multi-wave longitudinal designs. Talk presented at Israeli Conference on Cognition Research (ISCOP), Acre, Israel. 

  • Zabag, R., Levy-Gigi, E., Gilboa-Schechtman, E. (September 2022). Social Anxiety is associated with an impairment in positive updating even while neutralizing the impact of avoidance. Poster presented at EABCT, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Zabag R, Levy-Gigi E, & Gilboa-Schechtman E. (February 2022).  Positive Updating in Social Anxiety is Associated with Social Engagement and Positive Affect: Findings from a Longitudinal Multi-Wave Study. Will be presented at ACBM Virtual, online. 

  • Sopp MR, Haim-Nachum S, & Levy-Gigi E. (July 2021). Leaving the door open to change:   Strengthening updating processes as a goal for promoting resilience after trauma.  Oral Presentation delivered at the 42nd Stress, Trauma, Anxiety and Resilience International Conference, online. 

  • Haim-Nachum S, Sopp MR, & Levy-Gigi E. (July 2021). A blast from the past: Early life adversity and impaired updating as risk factors for PTSD following adult trauma.  Oral Presentation delivered at the 42nd Stress, Trauma, Anxiety and Resilience   International Conference, online. 

  • Haim-Nachum S, & Levy-Gigi E. (June 2021). Different impaired updating patterns predict depression and PTSD. Flash Talk, the 5th International Conference of the European Society for Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (ESCAN), Budapest, online. 

  • Haim-Nachum S, Sopp MR, Michael T, Shamay-Tsoory S, & Levy-Gigi E. (April 2021). Associations of interpersonal distance with PTSD and anxiety in trauma-exposed individuals: An EEG study. Poster Presentation, 29th European Congress of Psychiatry; EPA Virtual 2021.

  • Zabag R, Gilboa-Schechtman E, & Levy-Gigi E. (February 2021). Success in Reversal Learning Predicts Social Approach and Positive Affect in a One-Year Longitudinal Study. Presented at ISCOP, Akko, Israel, online.

  • Haim-Nachum, S, & Levy-Gigi E. (November 2020). Selective impairments in cognitive flexibility as a means to differentiate between depression and PTSD following trauma exposure. Poster Presentation conducted at the meeting of the ISTSS, Chicago, The 36th annual meeting, online. 

  • Haim Nachum, S. & Levy-Gigi E. (2019). Difficulties in emotional regulation in affective disorders. ISAD, London Rachmani, M & Levy-Gigi E. (2019). Treating individuals with repeated exposure to trauma. 9th World Congress of Behavioral and Cognition Therapies (WCBCT), Berlin, Germany.  

  • Levy-Gigi (2019) Cognitive Flexibility in Emotional Disorders. International conference of psychological science (ICPS), Paris. 

  • Levy-Gigi E. (2018). Pros and cons of categorical versus dimensional approaches in PTSD research. PTSD expert meeting. Wilton Park, UK. 

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